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at Neue House Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 13) in Hollywood.The girls were joined by Holland Roden, Arden Cho, G Hannelius, Kelli Berglund, Niki Koss, Skyler Samuels, Sarah Bolger, Laura Vandervoort, and Whitney Port.In 2006, Laura shot her first feature film “The Lookout” starring Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mathew Goode and Isla Fisher.Several TV appearances afterwards such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” led Laura into the hands of The CW network.

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While speaking with Zap2it, Steve Lund talks about playing the fun-loving werewolf Nick Sorrentino and about reuniting with his former “Haven” co-star, Laura Vandervoort (“Smallville,” “V”) on the show. I’ve been told by fans of the book and the loyal supporters that my portrayal of Nick is very accurate, in their opinion. For me, playing this character is a lot of fun, and I’ve found him very relatable. Nick has a very easy way about him, a nice easy charm, a little bit more of a charismatic candor, I suppose.(function() { var a=this;var b,c,d,e,f;function g()f=e=d=c=b=! 1;var h;if(h=g())var j=c,k=f,l=d,m=e;var n;if(b&&a.opera)else k? n=/MSIE\s ([^\);] )(\)|;)/:l&&(n=/Web Kit\/(\S )/),n&&n.exec(g());var p=document,q=p.create Element("link");q.rel="stylesheet";q.type="text/css";q.href=" (m?Landing the coveted role of “Supergirl” AKA “Kara” on the hit The CW series “Smallville,” Laura became the main focus of the 7th season of the popular sci-fi drama. Following “Smallville,” Laura booked the sequel to the Jessica Alba/Paul Walker feature film “Into The Blue” titled “Into the Blue 2: The Reef.” Following “The Reef,” the in-demand actress went directly into filming “The Jazzman,” “Out of Control,” “Damage” and a miniseries that was the Sy Fy channel’s re-launch of Philip José Farmer’s “Riverworld.” While shooting “Riverworld,” Laura also booked a series regular spot for ABC’s sci-fi series “V” amongst Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) and Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”).Role: Elena Michaels Release date: 2014-2015 When she left Stonehaven - 'for good this time' - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind.Below the nude shot is a caption that states: Tags: animal cruelty, animal rights, killer whale, laura vandervoort, naked, nude, orcas, peta, photos! [ singer has spent the week in court after radio DJ David Mueller sued her, her mother, Andrea Swift, and her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, for up to million for allegedly ruining his career.


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