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So, if you're too tired for sex, feel the woman in your life does nothing but nag, feel you're 'doing it all' with little help from your partner, or are frustrated because your husband doesn't listen - read on.

In the past 50 years, life has become so much more complicated.

The first thing we look at in the course, and the first thing a divorced person needs to look at before starting another relationship, is how to understand what went wrong in the previous relationship -- without being too critical of either their ex or themselves.

This is my message: when we don't understand the differences between men and women, small problems tend to escalate into insoluble problems.

The form of communication they were using promoted frustration rather than greater intimacy.

Both of them need to evaluate what their issues were and how those issues could have been resolved -- again, without being too critical of each other or themselves.

Among the resources below, you can find relationship advice in different forms. In just five basic questions, examine your core beliefs about what supports long term relationship satisfaction and find out if your beliefs may be limiting you.

Through his books and seminars, John Gray has spread his message that men and women are inherently different, and that long-lasting, fulfilling relationships must be based on understanding, accepting, and respecting the opposite sex.

Here, he offers some advice to those dealing with the challenges of separation and divorce.

Take the Relationship Quiz ยป Get insightful relationship advice from the Relationship Cards an interactive self-help tool, a special set of flashcards that can give you a new perspective on any questions you have about love.

Each card speaks about an essential ingredient for a happy relationship.


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