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David William "Hughesy" Hughes (born 26 November 1970 in Warrnambool, Victoria) is an Australian stand-up comedian, and a radio and television presenter.

He is known for being a co-host on Network Ten's Before the Game, until the show finished in 2013.

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However, his co-host Lisa Wilkinson didn't seem to mind the comedian's ribbing of Karl, seen laughing hysterically.

Karl's overseas break came as his estranged wife packed up and moved out of the family home the couple lived in with their three children.

His personal life has been under considerable scrutiny over the past six months.

And at Sunday night's Logie Awards, Karl Stefanovic was still hitting headlines, despite arriving without his glamorous and younger girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough.

'On a summer Saturday afternoon at home in London I ran upstairs for a pee and blood streamed out. Today would not turn out as planned." So begins David Hughes's The Little Book, perhaps his most autobiographical work, published nine years ago.

It was the hue of the 1982 Domaine de l'Amarine I had drunk at lunch . Phrased in characteristic tones of detachment, honesty and mockery of his self-indulgence, its opening pages mirror the predicament he found himself in over Easter this year when his liver and kidneys again rebelled, to end his life yesterday at the age of 74.


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